Web-based Everest Remit launched

Kathmandu, September 12 :

Everest Bank Ltd has announced the launch of its own web-based online product ‘Everest Remit’ through Thomas Cook Al Rostamani Exchange and Asia Exchange Centre, Dubai, states a press release issued here today by the bank.

This facility is also available from Trust Exchange Co. Doha Everest Remit enables people from the Middle East to remit their savings to their families in Nepal at a nominal cost with an attractive exchange rate.

With being just a click away, Everest Remit is highly efficient as compared to TTS and Drafts currently being used, claims the release.

“Dedicated to provide secured online money transferring facility, Everest Remit is well equipped with high security features, using universally accepted VERISIGN, Digital Certificate, besides other security measures.”

In an attempt to broaden its coverage for making remittance payments available at various locations in Nepal, including rural areas, Everest Bank Ltd has entered into agency arrangement with Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) and has also appointed sub-agents at various locations with coverage of more than 50 payout locations.

“The launch of the scheme also has the festive offer of a free return ticket to Kathmandu by a lucky draw among people who use Everest Remit up to December 31,” according to the release.

With Everest Remit launched at Dubai and Doha, Nepalis in the Middle East has the trusted option to use the fastest, most reliable and reasonable form of money transfer, claims the company press release.

“With a view to provide fast, reliable and reasonable online money transfer service to more Nepalis residing in countries other than the middle east, the bank has plans for extending Everest Remit in other countries in the near future,” said DVSSV Prasad, executive director of the bank during its launch in Dubai.