WEEKLY SHARE UPDATE: Sensex on growth path

Kathmandu, November 12:

Share trading at the country’s sole secondary market Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) registered a marginal growth this week, as most of the groups remained in a steady growth track. The Nepse index recorded an increase of 0.56 point.

According to Nepse, the index opened at 307.42 points on Sunday, and went up to 305.73 points on Thursday, the last day for share transactions under the regular lot. The trading had recorded a growth of 2.90 points last week.

According to a group-wise analysis, leading groups including commercial banks, the other, insurance, finance and development banks groups, maintained growth, while the manufacturing, hotel and trading groups remained constant.

Total weekly value of transaction for the week also increased along with an increment in the Nepse index, and stood at Rs 49,017,435 from 811 transactions of 136,243 share units. The last week’s total trading value was of Rs 23,160,190 through 153 transactions of 47,402 shares. Out of the 59 listed companies for share trading, only 50 companies saw their transaction this week.

The commercial banks group, the largest scrip by volume at the Nepse floor is on steady growth track. The group posted a marginal growth of 0.23 point this week. The group’s index that opened at 333.48 points on Sunday went up to 333.71 points on the closing day. The other group, which had also registered growth last week, recorded a healthy growth of 6.35 points this week. The index of the group that opened at 347.78 points on Sunday closed at 354.13 points on the closing day.

Likewise, the finance and the insurance groups also registered growths in their respective indices. The indices of these groups went up to close at 232.83 points and 323.43 points from the opening 232.72 points and 323.05 points respectively on Sunday.

The development banks group is also the gainer this week, as it posted a growth of 0.71 point and climbed up to 222.26 points on Thursday. Earlier, the group started at 221.55 points on the opening day.

The manufacturing, the hotel and the trading groups, however, remained constant at 290.53 points, 177.62 points and 129.55 points respectively. Two groups except the manufacturing group had remained constant last week, too.

Out of the eight listed groups, the commercial banks group continued its domination by capturing the largest chunk of the trading at Nepse. It captured 58.43 per cent of the total trading as the finance group came in behind, accounting about 40.04 per cent. The insurance group had 0.88 per cent, while the development banks group contributed 0.59 per cent. The hotel group followed with a mere share of 0.05 per cent and the other group had just a little 0.01 per cent share.

Lumbini Bank Ltd topped all the companies in terms of number of transaction with 92 transactions. But National Finance Ltd stood the first in terms of monetary value and the number of shares traded for the week. A total of 65,222 shares of the finance company were traded at Rs 18,916,800.

The floor remained open for four days, where the shares of Nepal Investment Bank, Himalayan Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Machhapuchre Bank, Lumbini Bank, NCC Bank, Life Insurance Company, Nepal Merchant Banking and Finance and Shree Investment and Finance were traded.