WEEKLY SHARE UPDATE: Share trading rebounces

Kathmandu, January 13:

After a weak performance for the past two weeks, stock trading has again bounced back with a sound growth of about 11 points this week due to an increase in share prices of the leading scrips, commercial banks.

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) began its trading at 521.37 points on Sunday and closed at 532.33 points on Thursday. According to the Nepse, the floor opened at 514.42 points on Sunday and continued to post growth. It registered 525.27 points on Monday, 530.45 points on Tuesday, 532.28 points on Wednesday and 532.33 points on Thursday.

The weekly turnover stood at Rs 286.2 million with 444,946 unit shares having been traded through 3,550 transactions during the week. A total of 3,76,788 unit shares worth over Rs 182.93 million were traded through 2,581 transactions. Out of the 65 listed companies for share trading, 56 companies saw their transactions this week.

The commercial banks group, which plays a decisive role in the Nepse index, led by 11.95 points this week. Its index closed at 596.21 points from opening 584.82 points.

Likewise, the indices of insurance, finance and development banks groups also saw handsome growth of 15.81 points, 29.65 points and 11.95 points, respectively. The insurance group’s index increased to 528.32 points from 512.51 points, while the index of the finance group rose to 377.04 points from the opening 347.39 points on Sunday. The development banks group’s index closed at 541.63 points from the opening 529.68 points. All the three groups had gained significantly last week, too.

The others group, which had suffered a heavy loss last week, bounced back and posted a growth of 5.09 points and settled at 695.49 points from the opening 690.40 points. The hotel group also registered a growth, albeit a marginally. Its index closed at 188.24 points from the opening 187.47 points. On the other hand, Nepse index of the trading group suffered a loss and closed at 148.51 points from the opening 150.09 points. The manufacturing group, however, remained constant at 322.36 points throughout the week.

The commercial banks group continued its domination by capturing the largest share of the total trading. The group captured 52.34 per cent of the total trading. The development banks group came second with 30.55 per cent and finance group had 8.36 per cent share in total trading. The others group also had a 7.63 per cent share, while the insurance group cornered 1.04 per cent of the total trading.

Sanima Development Bank topped in terms of number of transaction and share units traded during the week, while Development Credit Bank outshone others in monetary value.