WEEKLY SHARE UPDATE: Share trading slows down

Kathmandu, January 20:

The bullish mood in the stock market showed signs of temperance with the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index registering a slight loss of 1.15 points this week.

Last week, Nepse had gained about 11 points.

Trading at the country’s sole secondary market opened on Sunday with its index at 537.09 points and closed down at 535.94 points on Thursday.

According to weekly trading report of Nepse, the index registered a growth on the first two days and crossed 538.36 points and 538.53 points on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. However, it slowed down on Thursday and closed at 535.94 points on the last day of the trading.

The weekly turnover also dropped compared to last week’s figure and stood at Rs 160.3 million with 309,034 unit shares having been traded through 2,667 transactions during the week.

A total of 444,946 unit shares worth over Rs 286.2 million were traded through 3,550 transactions. Out of the total 68 listed companies for share trading, 56 companies saw transactions this week.

The commercial banks group, which is the largest scrip at Nepse and plays a decisive role, registered a marginal growth of 0.48 point. Its index closed at 601.20 points from the opening 600.72 points. The group had gained over 11 points last week.

Likewise, the hotel and finance groups also saw growths of 2.01 points and 5.36 points, respectively. The hotel group’s index increased to 190.25 points from 188.24 points on Sunday, while the Nepse index of the finance group rose to 394.04 points from the opening 388.68 points.

On the other hand, the others group, insurance group and the development banks group each suffered loss this week. Among these, the others group saw a massive loss of 23.06 points, as its index plummeted to 672.43 points from the opening 695.49 points.

The insurance group’s index dropped by 5.36 points and 2.06 points of the development banks group. The insurance group began at 542.76 points on Sunday and closed down at 537.4 points, while the development banks group closed at 549.48 points. All these three groups had gained last week.

The manufacturing group and the trading group remained constant at 322.36 points and 148.51 points throughout the week.

The commercial banks group continued its domination by capturing the largest share of the total trading. The group cornered 65.30 per cent of the total trading. The finance group came second with 17.14 per cent and insurance group had 7.90 per cent share in total trading. The development banks group also had a 7.33 per cent share, while the others group cornered 2.19 per cent of the total trading.

Bhajuratna Saving and Finance Ltd topped all companies in terms of number of transactions and share units traded in the week. A total of 36,550 unit shares of the finance company traded through 607 transactions.