Weekly share update : Transaction crosses billion

Kathmandu, January 12:

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) saw transactions worth Rs 1.41 billion this week. The companies under ‘A’ category posted a record transaction of Rs 1.26 billion that is 89.55 per cent of the total.

The Nepse — that was forcefully closed for a week by a group of investors — started trading from Sunday in a positive mood with a rise of 4.11 points to 988.64 from the closure of 984.53 points one week ago.

On Monday, however, it posted a loss of 19.54 points but started gaining from Tuesday onwards. On the last day of trading on Thursday, it posted a growth of 18.55 points to close the market at 981.43 points. At the closing of the week on Thursday, it recorded a loss of 3.10 points to 981.43 from the closing of 984.53 one week ago.

This week, the regular market leaders like Commercial banks group and Hydropower group became the losers, but Finance Company group continue to be the gainer with 50.10 points growth. The Hotel group surged by 0.77 points to 421.36 points and Manufacturing group also flared by 9.68 points to 357.28 points. However, Insurance group and Development banks group ended in the negative territory with a loss of 98.36 and 78.88 points, respectively. Nabil Bank, National Hydropower, Machhapuch-hre, Standard Chartered and Nepal Bangladesh Bank led market in terms of transaction. In terms of number of transaction, Nabil topped the chart wi-th 1139 transactions.