Wheat production decreases

Tikapur, May 8:

Production of wheat grain has decreased in Kailali district in the current fiscal year.

Due to lack of irrigation facility has pulled the production down, stakeholders of agriculture sector said. “Production of wheat crop decreased since there was no sufficient rainfall this year and irrigation was also not regular during the winter season,” Tulsiram Subedi, chief at office of Agriculture Service Centre, Tikapur, said.

Around six quintals wheat grain production has decreased in comparison to last year in each hector of land this year, he said.

The produce of wheat was 24 quintals per hector last year, while 18 quintals of wheat grain is produced per hector this year, the ASC said, adding that production in Joshipur, Bhajani, Narayanpur and Munuwa has also decreased.

Of 90,550 hectors of arrable land, 38,976 hectors has irrigation facility in the district, the Kailali District Agriculture Development Office informed.

Some part of land was irrigated with the help of tube-well, while other parts in Durgoli, Manuwa, Narayanpur, Dhanasinghpur and Patharaiya were irrigated from Jamara, Rani and Kulariya canals that channelise the water from Karnali river.

Farmers complained that the supply of water in these canals could not be regular during the winter season.