Whirlpool products

KATHMANDU: Whirlpool, one of the world’s foremost global appliance brands, has launched a whole new series of their new water purifiers, European washing machines and refrigerators in Nepal.

Based out of Michigan, USA, Whirlpool has been present in Nepal for the last two decades and has increased its presence lately with their ‘Global Product Range’.

Nepa Hima Pvt Ltd, the authorised distributor of Whirlpool, organised a programme on Tuesday to mark its business success in Nepal market and to appreciate the commitment of their dealers, as per a press statement.

During the event, Whirlpool announced its entry into the water purifier category in Nepal. The new model ‘PURATRON’ has a unique EAT (Electro-Adsorption Technology) where in it removes most impurities in water whilst still maintaining the essential nutrients. Most importantly this technology does not result in water wastage, a unique feature and advantage of expensive R/O systems.

For those who want the best-in-class washing systems, Whirlpool launched its super premium range of European front loaders with cutting-edge technological features.

For the more ‘value conscious’ segment, it showcased its new range of top load washers with unique features like bloomwash and heater, all unique to Whirlpool.