Winter crops production to drop down by 50pc in Parbat

PARBAT: Production of winter crops would be decreased in Parbat district this year due to drought for the past four months.

The district has not received rainfall since the third week of September last year.

Production of crops like wheat, barley, mustard and winter potato might be decreased by 50 per cent this year, said Senior Agriculture Development Officer at the District Agriculture Development Office, Basudev Regmi.

It has been learned that farmers have been bearing a huge loss due to the lack of rainfall. A total of 9,070 hectares of land in the district has irrigation facility. Of them, 6,420 hectares of land could be irrigated during winter.

Wheat is cultivated on 2,615 hectares of land while mustard is produced on around 1,000 hectares of land in the district.