WOW Factors for better choice

KATHMANDU: WOW Factors Nepal has introduced an exclusive and an internationally acclaimed diagnostic survey ‘WOW Factors’ for the first time in Nepal. WOW Factors works under the guidance of Dr Kobus Neethling, winner of the ‘The Distinguished Leader Award’.

“The highly acclaimed instrument developed by Dr Kobus called Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI), has been based on the work of professor W R Sperry of USA, nobel prize winner in 1981, and professor Paul Torrance of the university of Georgia, USA,” said, Dr Shanker Goyanka of NBI, These instruments, such as the General Adult, Leadership, Relationship, Job/skills, Creativity, Parenting ans sports help individuals in ‘measuring and profiling ability for success in life. Former president of Nepal Chamber of Commerce Rajesh Kaji Shrestha said that these online and user friendly profiling instruments enable the people to discover and apply their hidden potential and make correct choices in their respective field for better performance, communication, relationships, happiness, contentment, business development as well as interesting and rewarding career.

Dr Tarun Goyal, member of NBI said that these instruments, including the highly acclaimed eight-Dimension Characteristic Model, are available in 18 languages and are being used in 30 countries including USA and Australia. “WOW Factors Nepal aims to deliver its best services reaching every corner of the country and it feels that this instrument is a must for every individual,” Goyanka said adding that it is also introducing counselling / training for teachers, parents, students and corporates to develop whole brain creativity.

According to Goyanka, it was tested on 2,00,000 people before its launch. “The accuracy of this programme is about 93 per cent,” he claimed. The services includes testing, analyzing and counselling.

People can get access to this service via card that can be available from the stores located at Kamal Pokhari and Jawalakhel at the rate of Rs 2,500.