Yak&Yeti health club closure riles users

Kathmandu, January 10:

Closure of hotel Yak & Yeti, particularly the health club, for the past two weeks has created problems for regular users.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, one of the members of Yak and Yeti Health Club, Kiran Sakha, criticised the hotel for its ‘off-the-cuff’ management style and alleged that customers are being ‘cheated’.

Sakha, who is also president of Garment Association of Nepal (GAN) was distressed with the attitude of the hotel management where no one responded about the closure of the club despite members having paid huge amounts. He said that hundreds of people have been affected by the closure of the health club. He termed the closure as ‘cheating’ of customers.

Chandra Khadgi, an official at the Health Club, expressed ignorance about when the health club would reopen.

But expressed hope that if the hotel stays in operation, the club will also be operated. According to customers of the health club, the hotel management has taken millions of rupees from members but they have been denied all facilities.

Birendra Shahi, a businessperson involved in handicrafts business is a member of the club for the past four years. He pays Rs 40,000 yearly to the hotel management. Talking to The Himalayan Times, he expressed serious concerns that customers are being cheated and they are not even being informed about the closure of the health club. “We are facing total chaos,” he said.

Another staff of club, Saraswati Sewa talking to The Himalayan Times said, it is still not sure when the hotel is going to open despite all staff being on duty. There are no guests in the hotel, informed Sewa. She, quoting others, also said there are rumours that the hotel may fold up, which would mean the closure of the club as well.

We demand with the hotel management to open up the health club immediately and if not, return the money. The hotel management needs to pay penalty charges as well, Shahi said.

Sanjay Agrawal, a businessperson and regular customer at the club, said that one fine morning, when the health club was locked up, we were shocked. No one on behalf of the management has been talking about the closure and no provision has been made so far for shifting the club. He demanded return of money from the hotel management.