A lost mobile

February 28, 2015 was really a great day. I was really happy. My maternal grandparents’ marriage anniversary was coming near and even Holi was around the corner. I read some book and I even got to eat varieties of food from the morning. My father is a businessman, he came back to Kathmandu from a business trip that day.

The day was awesome. My friends and I played football in the morning. I was really tired but by evening I was absolutely fine. It was Saturday. My grandma was also coming from the US that day. I was very excited.

My father got a call from his friend. It was his friend’s daughter’s marriage on the same day and we were invited. My father said all right as he wasn’t tired. My mother was not feeling well so my father and I went to the marriage party. We had to go to Jorpati from Chabahil. It was great fun riding a bike.

But, suddenly, the bike lost balance. I asked, “What happened?”

“I saw a mobile phone out there. Go and get it.”

I ran and picked up the phone. Then we reached our showroom where my father works. We waited for the mobile phone to ring. After five minutes, we got a call. I responded. “Hello! Who is this? Is my mobile phone with you?” a man asked.

I told him that his mobile phone is with us and gave him the address of our showroom. The man came on a scooter. He took his phone and thanked us. We then went to the party from there.

— Priyam Sigdel, Class IX, GEMS