KU BFA graduates put up self-motivated exhibition

KATHMANDU: The Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) graduating students of the Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Centere for Art and Design displayed their collective works at the Taragaon Museum, Bouddha on September 27. The 'BFA Exhibition Project 2015’ saw 27 students graduating with BFA degrees in Studio Art and Graphic Communication showcasing final outcomes of their self-motivated creative projects. The artworks in the exhibition ranged from paintings to photographs, sculpture, graphic novels, video installation as well as product designing.

Sharad Raut exhibited 30 artworks created in collaboration with the children of Bungamati titled ‘Together We Smile’. He had conducted an outreach programme designed to comfort the earthquake-affected children of Bungamati. Through the multiple portraiture, the artist tried to show the comfort and love they all experienced together in the outreach programme.

Another student Shishir Maharjan displayed 23 photographs themed ‘Culture and Identity'. The photographs revealed the drastic change in his surrounding as he was growing up and his own state of mind. Some of his photographs were stretched in traditional Paubha frames as well.

The modification of traditional artworks fused with contemporary stylisation was seen in Dinesh Sinkhwal’s paintings. The artist believes that nothing remains the same in history and society will always learn to adapt.

The exhibition was on for four days and despite the commuting problem in recent days due to fuel shortage, a lot of art and non-art related viewers visited the

exhibition and seemed to enjoy the works.

— Sharad Raut, BFA IVth Year, Kathmandu University,

School of Arts, Centre for Art and Design, Lalitpur