500-year-old wooden car recreated

Rome: We’re all worried about pollution from cars, but it looks like the solution has been around for 500 years, in the form of a clockwork wooden buggy. Experts have finally managed to build a three-wheeled car designed by 15th century genius Leonardo da Vinci, powered by springs wound by hand. The artist and inventor’s notebooks also contain designs for bikes, tanks, machine guns and submarines. The metre-long car is on display in his home village of Vinci in Italy. DNA test to check Genghis Khan kin LONDON: A London restaurant is offering diners the chance to learn whether they are descended from the rampaging Mongol ruler Genghis Khan — and win a free meal if they are. The promotion by the restaurant Shish has proved surprisingly popular, exemplifying how Genghis Khan, once reviled in the West as a tyrant, has gained new respect in his own country and among academics. “We’ve had Mongolian people who’ve traveled across London to give us their details,” said Hugo Malik, bar manager of Shish.