A day like no other

I work up early in the morning with a beaming face because it was a day for which I had been waiting anxiously. It was our school carnival!

The carnival was to begin at 10 am but all volunteers had gathered at the school premises around eight in the morning so that we could do all our eleventh minute chores. My stall was near the gate so I could easily view the entire happenings at the carnival.

People started arriving around 10 am and everyone was in a jolly mood.

We had set up all kinds of colourful and special game stalls.

Visitors were especially impressed by a game called ‘Jail’ for which we gave tickets to the police officer to lock up particular persons for a specific period of time.

And the funniest part was that all our teachers were locked in the jail.

The game stalls were crowded till late afternoon, not to forget the amazing food stalls, which were never empty for a single minute.

There were all kinds of food items like momos, burgers, ice-creams, chaat, gol-gappa and my mouth was watering like that of a hungry fox.

I was eager to taste these delicious stuff but the stalls were always so crowded and I had a tough time getting my hand on some of the delicious food. We even had a mini disco with real disco lights and everyone was had a great time rocking with the music.

Not only the children, the parents too had a great time trying their luck at different stalls.

Our school band along with a guest band and parents’ band played the music and entertained the crowd thoroughly for three hours.

We wrapped up the carnival at around four in the afternoon, and gathered to enjoy the music. One of our teachers announced of winners for the raffles, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough to win a prize.

I didn’t realise how these six hours passed. I want to experience the same thrill next year but I know it will not be the same. It is going to be another carnival and another kind of fun altogether.