The winners of ‘Kathmandu Off Beat’ photo contest were declared at Alliance Francaise on December 14. Both amateurs and professionals had taken part in the contest. Altogether 70 people had taken part in the contest out of which the 15 best photos were displayed.

As the theme for the contest was ‘Unconventional photos’ the photos mainly consisted of people

capturing normal everyday events in an interesting manner. Simple things like a man selling vegetables to people repairing a safa tempo; a woman fetching water and a stone carver immersed in his work were captured by the photographers. It was fascinating photos that had a different perspective on everyday activities that made it to the top three.

The winners of the

competition were Aymeric Hamon, Bikash Rauniyar and Bikash Malakar. The winning photo by Hamon will be used to make the New Year 2008 postcard of Alliance Francaise.

The contest was organised by Alliance Francaise, it was supported by Wave Magazine and Photo.Circle and sponsored by Photo Concern. The photos are on display at the Alliance Francaise till December 31.