A few precious moments

Every time I glance at the snaps that we clicked in college I take a journey down memory lane. Don’t know and can’t make out how those two hobnobbing years glided by. Feels like it was yesterday that I had taken admission. Two prolific years zoomed in a flash and now what I have are just the wonderful mementos only. My college life began frivolously. I knew none of the strange faces but I lost not even a second to scan out my old bosom buddy Pasang who too had enrolled in the same college. What

more would I want? Humble and cordial as he was ,we started jamming together. Slowly all the strange faces of yesterday became the friends. Well, thereafter began my ecstatic epoch-making college life in a real sense. Rock music was the part and parcel of our life. Nirvana, Off-Spring, Bonjovi, Linkin Park… was our kind of music. Canteen was the most important part of our college life. I don’t remember any such day when we missed being in the canteen, singing songs, larking about, and cracking jokes in concert with friends. The don’t care attitude though worried us at times of exams. Cramming at the time of exams was our routine. Submitting homework to the teacher was never our cup of tea. Inventing lunatic excuses was like cutting butter with a hot knife.

Each of the guys held the attitude that one should have a girl friend to be the talk of the class. Most often the guys would be found flirting and flattering the girls with their fake gift of the gab. Beside these aspects what I will never forget are the guys and girls that were submissive and coy, the bold and the beautiful and every one who envied other people’s success. Now after all these years I have realised that I was in fool’s paradise. Actually college life does not only mean fun and freaking out. It’s more than that. The bottom line I would like to remember all is that I made wonderful friends for life.

J Z Sherpa, Brilliant Multiple College, Kathmandu