A life of honour

I have always regarded reading as a hobby and fabulous way to pass time. The book that I had recently read was so engrossing that I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it. We were suggested this book by our English teacher and I am really grateful to him.

Living With Honour by Shiv Khera is a book that every student, every teacher, every housewife... everybody must read at least once. It has excellent principles of living life with pride and glory, and the mentioned principles are very much down to earth.

Khera opines “it’s better to be honourable than to be honoured”. The writer has given examples that we can easily relate with our lives and circumstances around us. Once you start it, you won’t stop till you get to the last page.

From the name we might think that the book might contain complex philosophical ideas and sophisticated thoughts. But it is not so. It has simple thoughts which we hear time and again but have no time to sit and think about it. The writer has provided self evaluation sheet after each chapter to encourage us do so. I found every line so touching and meaningful that I was unconsciously repeating the lines.

The writer has ended his masterpiece saying, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

I am ready for that and all should.