I still remember that day — April 23, 2005. It was our first trip to Nagarkot and we (my friends and I) were having a lot fun. We were enjoying our trip so much that we forgot to notice how time had slipped until one friend gasped that it was already 6:00 pm.

We grabbed our bags and everything and rushed towards the road hoping to catch the last local bus. But there was no vehicle on the roads except for a few bicycles. So, we decided to stay in Nagarkot for the night. But we first had to inform our parents about that.

It was nearly 8:00 pm when we got to a shop to phone our parents. I was the last one in line and asked my friends to wait for me. However, when I turned around after the call, there was no one there. I got very scared as it was dark and no one who I knew.

Then I turned towards the shop but got the shock of my life to see that it was closed.

I walked some distance trying to find my friends but it was all in vain. Then I saw a really fearful face. I didn’t know what to do except run.

I ran as fast as I could till I reached the shelter of a huge tree and stopped, gasping for breath. I was sure that the scary face I’d seen was that of a ghost, and I was sure it was following me.

Then I heard a voice. It came nearer and nearer and got louder.

I awoke with a start to my Mum’s voice.