Aamna-Aftab for fairytale love story

MUMBAI: After experimenting with everything from the dark and dangerous to the edgy and cool this year, Bollywood is ready with a cute film, Mumbai Mantra Media Ltd’s Aao Wish Karein

The film, starring Aftab Shivdasani and Aamna Sharif, promises the kind of entertainment that kids, teenagers and parents are bound to enjoy.

It is a bit of a fairytale in which a boy’s life gets transformed when he makes a wish to be grown-up and his wish comes true. Not quite Tom Hanks in Big, but still, this one has all of Aftab’s wildest fantasies come true — he achieves success and finds true love but the film has an intriguing twist at the end and some really soulful melodic music in between.

Andrey Purushottam, CEO, Mumbai Mantra, is of the opinion that all of us as kids have had fantasies on the lines of ‘main bada hoke yeh karoonga, woh karoonga!’ “Equally, don’t all of us adults want to rediscover the child in us,” he asks. “If you are part of this everybody... voila! This film is for you.”

Aftab, actor and co-producer (Rising Sun Entertainment), says “Aao Wish Karein is an honest effort and that makes it endearing to anyone who’s been a part of this journey. It’s simple, sweet, funny and has exceptionally soulful music. This is the kind of film that would appeal to kids and teenagers, mamas and papas, grandpas and grannies too.”

While his co-star, the vivacious Aamna, adds, “Every girl wants to be part of a fairy tale... I got to live mine through this film as it has everything that a girl’s dreams are made up of! I believed in it so I became a part of it...”