ABC’s of music arrangement


For many of us music could be just a hobby, but for a number of others this could be the career that one can make a difference in. For many music enthusiasts learning one instrument cannot be the be all and end all. Many would love to explore their musical talents further. A lesson in music arrangement wouldn’t hurt, which is what is offered at the Om Sai Ram Music Arranging and Training Centre at Balaju.

“I want to give my students not just theoretical but practical knowledge as well, so that they are well equipped and confident when they start their careers,” says the centre’s founder Rajesh Lama.

Lama has been working professionally for around a decade and has done music arrangement for around 4,000 songs and was previously associated with the band Om Mane Padme.

He gives piano and guitar classes at the center in Balaju, and practical demonstrations for music arrangement at Dreams Studio, Kathmandu Plaza. The students get first hand experience of working as a music arranger.

A music arranger is someone who makes sure that the music for a particular number is just right. So here you get a chance to learn that the flute goes with the guitar and that the song sounds excellent with the background music and so on.

The classes are held in the morning and the course is not limited to the number of weeks or months. A student can take the course for as long as he requires.

However, to join this course you need some basic knowledge of music. “This is a place where

students can learn in a systematic and professional atmosphere to face the challenges and realities of music arrangement,” says Lama, who is disappointed with the fact that girls have not come forward for the course.