Add raunchy, spicy Garam Masala to your menu


Garam Masala (Comedy)

Cast: Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Paresh Rawal, Rimi Sen, Daisy, Neetu,

Nargis, Rajpal Yadav

Direction: Priyadarshan

Showing at: Kumari

So how savoury is the Garam Masala that Priyadarshan has dished out this time? Do the ingredients blend well enough to crown the filmmaker with yet another feather on his cap? Well, after ruling the roost for quite sometime now (as the king of comedy!), it indeed seems to be the filmmaker’s another genuine discovery.

Garam Masala has tinsel town’s two Casanovas posing as ne’er-do-well shutter bugs for the syrupy magazine Garam Masala. Because they ain’t anymore interested in camera work than feasting on the pin-up statistics of leggy-busty models, they never have the prospects of getting a pay hike. And they don’t seem to make much fuss about it! What’s more, though the two friends Mac (Akshay) and Sam (John Abraham) share a precipitous friendship, that always dangles on the verge of collapse, they share a bond that most partners in crime share. (It’s romance this time.) The only trouble is that each wants to have a bigger share of the pie!

More so when Sam lands with a serendipitous breakthrough that wins him the Boss’ favour and a fun ride to America.

Though, both have an equal share of shortcomings, Akshay lands with a better fare as an ingenious philanderer. Rajpal Yadav, the next-door mechanic, serves as the procurer and key to raunchy airhostesses, who have no scruples to pawn their virtue for a nightstand. All goes well, until flight schedules clash and the hostesses discover to their dismay the man they are in love with is a phoney philanderer and has illicit relationship with many others of their own species.

And nothing’s troublesome for Mac as long as he can pull it off with panache! As quirkily as the movie moves ahead, one doesn’t want to reason much for the progress of the events than to enjoy the breezy fun ride. At times, the movie jet speeds without worrying much about justification. However, it doesn’t spoil the piquant tang of stimulating sequences.

Though, Akshay and John successfully em-erge to reveal the other half of their brawny self, it is Paresh Rawal who has proven his métier again time reinventing comedy. The actresses, however, fare no better than posing as eye candies to sprinkle pepper to the spicy fun fare.