Every student shares an irreplaceable moments with school for life long. Class 10 being the last year in school life always has tons of beautiful clips of life to be with. From little hanky-panky babies to young adults walking along the same corridors, looking at the same faces, smelling the same appetising aroma of lunch we have come to and end. Shuvatara gave me a reason to be what I am today. The realisation that I am a special part of this entire universe today makes me feel what significant role this school has played over my life. It has taught us to take life as it comes and face difficulties with strength. With last days of school knocking on the door I’m starting to realize how much I will miss this. There will a new dawn for me tomorrow but these memories will keep lingering on. “ Those days may be gone, our faces long, those moments might have many unsung songs, still those moments shall never be gone… never .“ Love you Shuvatara. And shall always miss you. — Sweta Pant, Class 10, Shuvatara School