Adieu to evenings with Aavas

KATHMANDU: Paleti kasera Aavaas lai sunaun, a micro event series of Nepa~laya that featured Aavaas for the year 2005, ended on December 30. The exclusive audience at the Nepa~laya mini hall attentively listened to him singing songs revealing social aspects as well mellow love songs.

Aavaas’ first musical album Palaa Palaa has been released since the series started on January 1. He performed for mostly a high profile people who usually have no time to listen to music. They got a chance to listen to him the last Friday of every moth. The organiser claims it is also an attempt to revive the tradition of artist-listener intimacy and closeness.

The series has proved that people still value quality music high. Aavaas’ songs are diverse in nature and the best expression of human soul, which an ordinary listener may not find interesting. Gaunthali jhain (Like the swallow) written by Srawan Mukarung is one such song that articulates the prevailing social uneasiness as well as a lover’s dilemma. Aavaas has admired Mukarung for his eloquence. Bhui kuhiro, Timi matra. Afai pheriye chha... all can be interpreted in more than one way.

The last paletti kasera of the series, this was an evening to remember.