‘Potter’ Radcliffe’s girl woes


Daniel Radcliffe is struggling to find a girlfriend because of his fame.

The Harry Potter star, who is reportedly worth £23 million, says dating is tough because most girls he meets only want him for his fame and money.

He told Newsweek magazine, “Gold diggers are always a worry. But I’ve got pretty good instincts for people. Normally, the people who are not genuine are the ones who say, ‘You know I’m not just being your girlfriend because you’re Harry Potter, right?’ And it’s like, ‘Uh, fine, but if that’s the case, why do you need to say that?’”

The 17-year-old also says he will use his early success to encourage his children

to do something with their lives.

“When I’m 30 or 40 and I’ve got kids, I’ll sit then down and say, ‘See, this is what I’d done by the time I was your age. What have you done?’”