Aesthetically framed artwork


Photographs, paintings, antiques and other art and crafts add up to the beauty of your house. But their beauty can be further enhanced and their subtle characteristics highlighted by using the right kind of frame. Frames are available is so many

varieties that they can convert even a simple piece into an attractive item. In addition to housing, wall frames also places such items at a proper viewing height.

Here are few options one can find in the Nepali market:

• Double Glass Frame: since this frame has glass on the both side it is very good if you feel that both sides of the item being framed has to be shown. As the wall forms the background the colour of the wall needs to be complementing the piece.

• Box Frame: Unlike other frames this one is not flat and thus is used for pieces with three dimensions. With the right type these frames can be the most creative shelter for your antique items and sculptures.

• Double Frame: Also known as 3D frame this frame has no glass cover. The inner frame is a bit protruding and thus enhances the texture of your embroidery or other crafts done on a cloth.

• Depth Frame: This type of frame is best for embossed paintings and crafts. Since the piece is kept in the middle at a bit deeper place its carved or moulded structure stand out.

• Paper Matte Frame: In this an inner frame made up of matte paper of different colour is used. The inner paper frame can be single, double or triple. Using contrasting or complementing colour helps to make the paintings, photographs and other paperwork look more elaborate.

Besides all these a frame can also glorify a looking mirror. Placed in an exquisite frame a looking mirror can be an elegant decorative item of your room.

(Information given by Niti Joshi of Frame World, Pulchowk)