Against all odds

I was born in the countryside and grew up in the laps of my grandparents herding sheep, running over the hills and playing marbles with friends. Looking back at my childhood days, I realise that it was only when I started noticing that my father was facing difficult times and battling hardships that I began to learn so many things from him.

My father has little formal education but has great knowledge about hardship. He began his career as a shepherd and a small trader. He made strong determined efforts to overcome difficulties ad hindrance. My father used to go on long journeys as a trader and I always used to worry about him and pray for him. Life as a Himalayan trader is not easy. One faces many obstacles along the way.

Then my father lost his elder son, my elder brother. It left a hole in his heart. He could not manage his business and soon he left alone, hated by all. My father lost almost everything, but he never lost his hope and faith in god. Nelson Mandela has written in his biography, “Strong convictions are the secret of surviving, your sprit can be full even your stomach is empty.” I have found this characteristic in my father.

Every parent has hope for his/her children for a better tomorrow. Being an elder son I have obligations to my parents. I should look after the family but I have never taken it seriously. Perhaps I will not able to be the son of my father. I am not a good student. I hardly pass the examinations. My father still has big hopes from his son, but I know only dreams will not fulfil the hopes that his son will one day take up responsibility of the family, tribe and birthplace.

I don’t want to hurt my father any more. One thing that makes me sad is when I see tears in my father’s eyes.

My father has always been with me when I had to cross small streams and he carried me on his back through hills and mountains, and was there to solve my problems. But now I have come to a place in life where I have to walk alone. However, in my father I find joy and happiness and hope for the future.

Father is someone who holds us when we cry, scolds us when we break the rules, smiles with pride when we succeed, and has faith in us even when we fail.

There are often situations and times when we forget to show our love to our fathers. Thank you father, thank you very much.