Aiming for the skies


Sunita Sapkota had slight trouble adjusting to the not-so-known venue when she first arrived for participating in the Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal beauty pageant. She, therefore, makes it a point to mention the name of Rachana Gurung Sharma, the official choreographer for the event, during her meetings with the Press. For it was she who inspired and encouraged Sapkota during the training sessions that helped her settle in among her peers.

Sapkota loves simplicity and reveals herself to be an emotional type. She believes that the training sessions have groomed her to put in her best. Strangely enough, Sapkota’s no more passionate about clinching the title than grabbing a job of a flight cabin attendant. She believes being on the aircraft crew would be the greatest achievement in her short life.

Sapkota will participate in the pageant along with 18 other contestants at BICC on September 10.

Name: Sunita Sapkota

Place of birth: Sundarijal, Kathmandu

Date of Birth: 04 June,1984

Ambition in life: to become a cabin attendant

I like: Travelling and listening to music

I hate: Selfish and arrogant people

Present occupation: Student

Hobbies: Playing badminton

Favourite Place: Sundarijal

Idols/heroes: Laxmi Prashad Devkota

Inspiration for becoming a model: Mother

Favourite outfit: Jeans and T-shirt

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: Revlon/ Pink

Favourite facial: I don’t use any

Favourite perfume: Opera

My ideal husband would be: a good character and someone who cares and loves me very much.