Aishwarya into karate

MUMBAI: Rajinikant’s mega budget next Endhiran starring him along side Aishwarya Rai Bachchan seems to have garnered a lot of curiosity as the makers are keeping the production a close guarded secret. But the audience interest about it seems to be multiplying day by day as inside details are being leaked out. “After having learnt sword fights for her English movie The Last Legion, Aishwarya has been training herself in karate for Endhiran,” a source revealed. A noted stunt master Ramesh who has been running a Japan Shito-Ryu karate school in the South for over 30 years, affiliated to the World Karate Federation is training the actress for the movie. Ramesh is teaching Aishwarya the basics of karate for now. In the

movie Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the other girls in the film will be learning Karate from her hero. Rajnikanth is already trained in karate so he will not have to train himself.