Akki’s has another fan in director Bomalick

NEW DELHI: Hollywood action director James Bomalick of The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift fame is completely bowled over by Akshay Kumar’s passion and enthusiasm for action.

The Die Hard 4 action man, who worked with Akshay in soon to be released Blue, was so impressed by the star that he could not stop but approve of his hunger for action scenes.

“James felt that Akshay was the answer to Hollywood action heroes. What impressed him further was Akshay’s meticulous dedication to performing action scenes in the film. The way he took interest in knowing details about the action scenes, how he always

was more interested in making it safe for unit members rather than himself,” a unit member said.

“James was stunned by Akshay’s confidence in doing some of the most dangerous stunts that main heroes would not do otherwise,” the member said.

“The efforts that Akshay put in his stunts really impressed James,” added the unit member.