Akshay sinks teeth into Kat

MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif’s health problems just don’t seem to end. After several health scares, including a recent one when she fainted on the sets of Tees Maar Khan, on Friday evening Katrina was injured on the film’s sets when Akshay Kumar’s jaw accidently hit her head while shooting a dance sequence at Malshej Ghat.

A source said, “It was a ballet-like dance sequence and Katrina’s head bumped into Akshay’s jaws and his teeth hurt her head badly. Katrina immediately realised the gravity of the injury as director Farah Khan rushed towards her. Since it was a head injury, Katrina felt dizzy for a few minutes but immediate care was taken to make her feel better.

When Akshay saw that Katrina’s head was bleeding due to the impact, he told her that she will have to take at least four stitches. The very thought that she would need stitches made Katrina all the more scared and she almost started crying when Farah stepped in and told Akshay to not scare her anymore.

A doctor was called to the sets to have a look at Katrina’s injury before she left for the day. Akshay couldn’t help but joke that though he is an action hero, it is Katrina who keeps getting injured. First she fainted on the sets, and now this injury.”

Farah Khan remained unavailable for comment as she was shooting in a no network zone in Malshej Ghat. However, the spokesperson of Tees Maar Khan confirmed and said, “Yes, Katrina did get injured badly after which Akshay kept pulling her leg. Katrina is fine now and has resumed shooting.”