I had heard of snow fall in places like Phulchowki, Nagarkot and Shivapuri, but had never experienced a snowfall or touched snow till last week.

We were having regular classes on February 14. It had been raining from morning. It was very cold and we were all shivering.

Then at around 2:00 pm it started snowing. I was really excited and eagerly waited for my classes to get over for the day. Later I came to know that it was the Valley’s first snowfall in 62 years.

I rushed home. As my Uncle was planning to go to Trishuli, I decided to go with him till Kakani.

We started at 5:00 pm and 45 minutes later we were in Kakani.

It was still snowing and for the first time in my life I got an opportunity to touch the white snow.

The villagers and a few people from Kathmandu were enjoying themselves in the snow. Some people were taking snaps, but most of them were playing and enjoying throwing snowballs at each other.

I saw some of my classmates playing in the snow with their parents, and we joined them. My Uncle was also very excited and joined us in our fun.

We played for quite some time and returned home. And it was a totally different feeling to see everything covered in snow.

My fun in the snow did not end just on that day. The next day also we went to Kakani with other relatives and played in the snow all day.

My dream had come true and those two days in the snow are surely going to be the most memorable days of my life.