All the world’s food


The belly rules the mind.

— Spanish proverb

Even if you do not agree with this proverb, let your belly rule your mind and palate for at least one day — on November 3 at The Himalayan Times International Food Festival to be held at the Birendra International Convention Centre. With over a dozen cuisines from the world over spread out for your, it will be an epicurean delight.

Not only this there will be games stalls with attractive prizes to be won, not to mention electrifying performances by the country’s very popular musicians and singers.

The entry fee is Rs 100, and Rs 50 for children under 4-feet in height.

Chilli cheese

Searching for the right taste to excite your taste buds? If you want to savour the real taste of cheese and meat prepared with hot chilli, then it’s the Bhutanese cuisine you should not miss at THT Food Fest. Here is a great cuisine from a neighbouring country that is not very oily or spicy, yet it has the taste and aroma to make your knees go weak.

Té restaurant is preparing the delicious cuisine that originates in the hills of Bhutan. Flavouring agents for the Bhutanese dish are basically fiery red chilli, cheese and hint of ginger and garlic. Great for your appetite and waistline, this particular cuisine is well known for its less spicy dishes. They are preparing chicken momo, Bhutanese set, vegetable momo and shabhaley to entice all foodies.

“Last year we had more dishes to offer but during the rush we were not able to entertain all our customers. So this time we have planned a small menu but hope to make sure all the guests are given best service,” says Pema Lhaki of Té.

And even a better news for all Bhutanese cuisine lovers — the customers who eat at the Bhutanese stall will get a discount coupon which they can use when they visit Té outlets.

Food fest menu

• Chicken momo

• Vegetable momo

• Shabhaley (two pieces)

• Bhutanese set of red rice, paa (pork with red chilli), aema datchi (cheese and chilli)

(Price range: Rs 100-200)

P is for pizza, pasta

There are a number of Italian dishes but the ones that instantly come to a person’s mind when one says Italian food are pizza and pasta. So I chose these worldwide famous dishes,” says Roshan Adiga, Managing Director E.d.en. Food Court and Lounge Bar, who will be putting up the Italian stall at THT Food Fest.

A variety of pizzas, pastas and lasagne (vegetarian and nog-vegetarian) will be served. It is the herbs that are used in these dishes that give the sauces a special flavour. We bet you cannot wait to bite into hot pizzas with yummy cheese with either vegetable or meat toppings.

Then they have spaghetti in various styles, prepared in flavoursome sauces, and also the appetising lasagnes.

They will also be offering hot beverages to go with your pizzas, and wine to accompany your pastas.

Food fest menu

• Pizza Margherita (Tomato and cheese pizza)

• Pizza Alle Verdure (Veg Pizza with tomato, capsicum, mushroom)

• Pizza Con Pollo

(Chicken Pizza)

• Sausage and Pepperoni pizza

• Spaghetti con Gambheri E Pomodoro (Spaghetti with garlic, prawn, tomato and fresh basil)

• Fettuccine con Prosciutto E Funghi (Fettuccine with ham and mushroom)

• Spaghetti Bolognese (Spaghetti with tomato sauce and minced chicken)

• Spaghetti Nepolitana (Spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh basil)

• Penne Primavera (Penne pasta with cream sauce and vegetables)

• Lasagne Al Pollo (Chicken Lasagne)

• Lasagne Al Verdure (Vegetable Lasagne)

Hot beverages

• Espresso

• Café Latte

• Americano

• Tea

• Coffee (Nescafe)


• Chianti (Red)

• Orvietto Classico (White)


• Grappa (30 ml)

(Price range: Rs 50-220)

Bangladeshi delicacies

The wives of diplomats from the Embassy of Bangladesh have taken on themselves to prepare the Bangladeshi cuisine for THT Food Fest. The famous Bangladeshi items like the all-time favourite Hilsha fish, which is considered one of the tastiest fishes, and delicious shrimp that will be the highlight.

Besides this, the enthusiastic team has around 14 dishes on their menu. Items for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are on offer. And yes, they also have sweets and desserts.

Bangladeshi food items are generally mild and moderate, not too hot or spicy.

“We have a special way of cooking our dishes, which gives it a unique taste,” says Imtiaz Ahmed, Ambassador of Bangladesh.

“This (THT Food Fest) is a very good way for different countries to represent their culture to the Nepali people. And as food is a very important part that showcases the culture of a country, this event will help to portray it in a demonstrative way and will have more affect,” he added.

Food fest menu

• Mutton chop

• Veg roll

• Veg pakauda

• Sweets

• Patisaptha Pitta (dessert)

• Plain pullao with hilsha fish

• Plain pullao with shrimp malai curry

• Plain pullao with mutton curry

• Plain pullao with chicken curry

• Plain pullao with fish curry

• Plain pullao with egg curry

• Bhuna khichari with meat or any other curry

(Price range: Rs 20-250)

Aromatic Afghan

Previously kings would know from their palaces what was being cooked for them from the rich aromatic flavours that wafted through the cooking area. The rich aromatic spices which gives it a distinct aroma is the specialty of Mughlai food,” says Pramod Jaiswal owner of Mughal Kitchen. They will be representing Afghanistan at the THT Food Fest.

This year they have Chicken Biryani with Bharta, Veg-briyani, rumali roti with paneer, and chicken chaap with rumali roti. All these will be served with saffron flavoured onions and mixed pickle.

Mughlai food is mildly spicy and highly rich in aroma. “For some of the dishes, we use more than 50 kinds of spices, and those spices which are not available here are brought from India,” says Jaiswal.

The biryani’s are neither too spicy nor too oily — just the perfect texture and mix and so is the soft rumali roti.

“The dishes we are offering are the same as in the previous fest. Since it was so well received last year and there was a constant queue at our stall, we will be serving last year’s favourites,” Jaiswal says.

Food fest menu

• Chicken Biryani with bharta

• Veg briyani, rumali roti with muttar paneer

• Chicken chaap with rumali roti (Price range: Rs 100)