Amit Paul causes pub brawl

MUMBAI: Amit Paul, who was the runner up in the last edition of Indian Idol, was detained by the police along with five others, following a scuffle at a pub in Guwahati, Assam, police sources said. The singer was picked up from a pub in the Rajgarh area of the city on July 19 night and was released the next day.

Paul had arrived at the pub a little after 11:30 pm and the crowd went out of control on seeing him. This led to a brawl among some drunken guests, sources said. The police was informed about the incident at around 1:30 am by local residents and the six were picked up from the pub. They were then taken to the Chandmari police station.

The police also registered a case against the owner of the pub, Kaustav Barua, for violating the permit, which stipulates that the joint should close by midnight.

Paul said after his release that he had gone to the pub for dinner, as he knew its owner.

“When I reached pub, the people present crowded around me for autographs. After some time, a fight broke out. I was in no way responsible for any brawl or any other untoward incident,” he said.