...and for some more kebabs


Monsoon is here and the days are dull and grey. Probably your mood reflects the unpredictability of the game of hide-and-seek the sun and clouds are playing nowadays. However, here’s a very good reason for you to smile and keep smiling as you venture on a gastronomic journey at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza.

The hotel’s Awadhi restaurant Kakori is holding a special Kebab Festival from July 6-8. And the kebabs are not the regular, conventional ones. These have been prepared by the hotel’s Sous Chef Aman Deep Singh, Special Chef Jamil Ahmed who has been flown in with other chefs from Lucknow especially for the festival.

The menu has kebabs, kebabs, and more kebabs... both for the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian palate.

Try the Mahi Tawa ke Kathal Kebab, which is a jackfruit kebab delicacy spiced up with potli masala and cooked on the tawa, or Paneer aur Dhaniya ka Lucknowi Kebab — a deep fried paneer kebab with dhaniya stuffing.

And this kebab is for anyone who is a big lauki fan, and even for those to despise this vegetable — Awadh ke Lauki Kebab. The lauki stuffed with Awadhi vegetables, paneer and tomato is deep fried giving it a delicious taste.

And for some non-vegetarian stuff: Murgh Awadhi Pasand is chicken marinated in special spices and stuffed with paneer, coriander and dry nuts, Tamatar aur Pyaz ke Kakori Seekh, famous for its popularity amidst the Nawabs, the kebab of Kakor is minced lamb with a covering of tomato and onions, giving it a crunchy taste, Nawab ki Bharwi Methi Pomfret is boneless pomfret with stuffing of Awadhi vegetables, spinach and methi masala.

The chutneys that complement the kebabs are exceptional. You simply must dig into your kebabi feast with a roomali roti.

The festival has 14 different kinds of kebabs on offer. Indulge in this gastronomic delight

of ‘eat as much as you can’ for Rs 1,299. Remember reservations are necessary.