Animal stories

Bologneses are small sized dogs with a distinctive white coat covering the entire head and body. They are compact square built toy dogs that are used as companion dogs. Their ears are set quite wide apart giving them square appearance. Their small button nose, lips and eyelids are black. Their tail is set high over the back.

They are bright, intelligent, obedient little dogs that bond very closely with their owners. They get along well with older and careful children. They are gentle with other animals. They can however be quite reserved with strangers. They are serious but friendly dogs and are very adaptable to new circumstances.

They are sweet, affectionate and eager to please. Bologneses are intelligent and playful. They love to follow their owners around. Bologneses get along very well with older and careful children.

Average size

Bolognese weighs 2.5-4kg and is about 25-30 cm tall.

Coat colour

Their coat is pure white or ivory white, and can have yellow or crème shading.


They are intelligent dogs that are relatively easy to train. They love to please and find learning easy.

Food requirements

These breeds are very

undemanding in their feeding needs.


They have a lifespan of about 14 years.

Pet grooming

The coat needs brushings everyday especially in certain areas, such as the stomach, behind the ears and the legs. The coat tangles relatively easily, so it should be checked daily. As they

do not shed the dead hairs have to be removed by grooming. Special care of the ears should be taken; hair must be removed from the ear canals. It may be necessary to remove the excess hair from between the pads of the feet.