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American Cocker Spaniels are small-bodied, compact dogs with very long ears. The distinct feature of these dogs is their rounded head and flat, silky or slightly wavy coat with feathering on ears, chest, abdomen and legs. Their ears droop down and are covered with long, curly hair. Their eyes are round and looking forward, with an alert, soft and appealing expression. The neck is long and muscular and the body is short but strong. The legs are moderately short and strongly boned, the feet compact and round. The tail is carried on a line with the back or slightly higher.

These breeds are good-natured, obedient and friendly. These active dogs need lots of exercise. American Cockers are cheerful intelligent dogs with a lively curiosity and make ideal companions. They have great personalities and are known to be mischievous with minds of their own.

Average size

American Cocker Spaniel weighs from 12-16 kg and is 35-38 cm tall at the shoulders.

Coat colour

The coat comes in variety of colours like black, any solid colour other than black and tricolours. Colours like black and brown may also have tan in the coat.


American Cocker Spaniel is an intelligent dog. Being eager to please and very adaptable they are easy to train for field work and companionship. The owners need to be gentle and patient with these dogs.

Food requirements

American Cockers are not a fussy eater and are relatively easy dogs to feed. They are not normally greedy but do require a good quality food to keep their coats in good condition.


They have a lifespan of 9-15 years.

Pet grooming

These dogs need grooming everyday. Specially, the ears must be combed regularly to protect from infections. They require trimming at intervals, particularly working cockers as an untrimmed coat is impractical for these dogs. Eyes should be checked regularly and attention must be paid to the lip folds, making sure that they are clean and free from infection. Teeth will benefit from regular cleaning. Feet should be checked for matted hair or dried mud. They also need bathing quite often to clean their skin and minimise odour.