Animal stories: brittany

Brittany is the smallest of the hunter-pointer-retriever breeds. They are active, squarely built, medium sized dogs with an intelligent-looking face. Their coat is fairly dense with a small amount of feathering. The eyes are amber or hazel, depending on the coat colour. They have a rounded skull of medium-length with a straight or slightly ram-shaped muzzle, a pronounced stop, and a nose that is more or less dark depending on the colour of their coat. The nose may not be black. The ears are high-set and are rather short in a triangular shape, slightly fringed and hanging close to the head. Their tail is either naturally short or docked to less than four inches.

Brittany is affectionate, kind, and loves to be part of the family. They need both mental and physical stimulation — such as working, obedience or agility to keep their mind occupied. They are also passionate in their hunting and is therefore not suitable for the pet owners who are not prepared to give them the exercise they need. They must be socialised extensively as a puppy. They adapt to all types of terrain: woods, plains or hills. Their resistant to cold and damp conditions is used especially for hunting and is always active, enthusiastic, and untiring. They also have an outstanding instinct for retrieving from water. These breeds are also popular as a companion dog because of their jolly nature.

Average size

Their height is 17-21 inches and weighs about 16-18 kg.

Coat colour

Their coat can be orange and white, black and white, liver and white and tri-colour (liver tri-colour and black tri-colour).


Brittany is highly intelligent breeds. They learn quickly, but the training needs to be fairly firm and consistent – or they will take advantage of the situation. It is important to give them a good basic training in obedience before attempting to work them in the field.

Food requirements

These breeds are not usually a fussy eater, but can get fat with age.


They live for about 10-12 years.

Pet grooming

Their medium-length, flat coat needs regular brushing. A small amount of trimming may be needed around the ears. Bath or dry shampoo when necessary.