Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston badly wanted to get a second nose job done ever since she went in for the first one — and finally she turned to well-known Indian plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia for rhinoplasty.

On January 20, Aniston went to Kanodia’s clinic in Beverly Hills. Four hours later, she emerged and sported fresh black-and-blue spots along her right eyebrow and across the tip of her nose and upper lip, according to Sheeraz Hasan, founder of

Kanodia has reportedly also fixed Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz’s noses. Aniston’s representative confirmed the operation, saying, “Jennifer had a procedure done to correct a deviated septum that was incorrectly done over 12 years ago.”

A source close to Aniston said, “Jen has hated her nose ever since her first nose job. She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide.”