Aniston snubs her meeting with Brad Pitt

LONDON: Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has snubbed the reports which claim that she and her ex-husband Brad Pitt had met in the Essex House hotel suite, which is located near Central Park, in September, during which Pitt is said to have ‘off loaded’ his emotional luggage with Jen.

The British tabloid Grazia had mentioned that The Hollywood heartthrob had met ‘Friends’ star for discussing the problems he was experienced in his relationship with his Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, whom he is dating now. But Aniston’s spokesperson has mentioned that the tryst "never happened”. There is a report in the tabloid which claims that Aniston purposefully as she did not want to be a part of Pitt’s split with Jolie.

The supposed insider told the tabloid: "She was quick to tell him she wanted no part in his breakup with Angelina." There had been reports earlier also which have alleged Aniston and Pitt hanging out.