Application letter for self-esteem

Somebody once said that the closest anyone ever comes to being perfect is when he or she applies for a job.

Therein lies the germ of a good idea.

Suppose you are feeling low. Your confidence has been shaken by some mistake or failure. Your self-esteem has escaped. You’re deflated.

This is the time to write a letter of application for a job you would love to have. The important thing is that you write the letter, putting your best foot forward. In the letter, emphasise your strengths and stay away from your weaknesses.

Write about your three proudest achievements. Tell why they were worthy accomplishments.

Were you working in the face of long odds? If so, say so.

What difficulties did you have to overcome? How many people did your accomplishments benefit?

Next, talk about how you have grown in your current job. Compare your skills today against those you had five years ago. Summarise your salary history. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here is the most important part: Tell why you should be hired. What unique skill, talent, or ideas can you offer to improve your new employer’s business?

This self-appraisal could be just what it takes to regain your self-esteem. And who knows it might just give you some good ideas for improving what you are doing where you are. — Agencies