Areena Tuladhar The girl next door

Himalayan News Service


This 5’4”Sagittarian is downright down-to-earth. Areena, who is currently pursuing a BBA at Prime College, Naya Bazaar says, “I want to be proud of myself in whatever I do and I would always want to make my parents feel proud of me.” Areena loves chatting and confesses that everyday she logs on for a web chat that goes on for hours. She says, “Most of my chat friends are boys but they are limited to the chat room only. I don’t believe in net dates nor am I interested in talking with them on the phone. The chat is limited to the chat room only and once I log off, I forget about them.” She loves travelling. Her favourite travel destination is Chitwan. She says, “The place is so beautiful. Recently I went to Pokhara and that was fun too.”

If given a chance of rebirth, she says, “I would like to be born as myself.” She digs basketball and cooking. “I can bake very nice cakes,” she says confidently. Areena describes herself as a ‘jolly’ person who enjoys life as it comes. Walking the ramp at the ‘Lux Beauty Stars Selection’ was not a new experience for her as she had participated in the Miss Teen 2002. She shares, “I didn’t win any title there except being chosen among the top 10.” But this time around she is hopeful. “I would be lying if I said I don’t long for the title. But the difference here is even if I don’t win the crown I would have won in a lot of other areas. The event and the grooming will certainly be an experience that I will carry with me.” The Lux Beauty Star 2004 will be held on May 22 at Hyatt Regency. Watch this space for the countdown.