Art auction for charity


Young hearts at the Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children must be smiling right now. They also have a reason for it: through a silent auction of paintings of 10 noted artists, a sum of Rs 40,000 has been raised for them.

Organised jointly by Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza and Park Gallery, the auction followed an exhibition of contemporary paintings entitled ‘Art of Today’ at the hotel itself. The auction had promised a certain part of the proceeds to go towards charity.

One painting of each participating artist had been put with a reserved price. Bidders quietly took home four beautiful paintings. Most of the works were standard and the bidders looked happy. Few even had confusion for sometime, and discussed a great deal. But finally went for it.

The paintings sold were of artists Anshu Pathak, Surendra Pradhan, Kiran Manandhar, and Shyam Lal Shrestha.