Ash believes in power of saying ‘No’

NEW DELHI: Aishwarya Rai is back in India after a brief stint in Hollywood. Except for Last Legion and Provoked, there is nothing lined up for release this year from Hollywood and the only English script she is ready to go public is about a Will Smith movie. And she is not talking about her other Hollywood ventures, French remake Chaos with Meryl Stre-ep and Singularity directed by Roland Joff.

“There are quite a few scripts from abroad, but I hope to be able to work with Will Smith. The script was great and it will be fun to work with him,” said Aishwarya.

But there are quite a few Bollywood flicks lined up including, Guru, Jodha-Akbar and Sarkar 2, and the forthcoming releases, Umrao-Jaan and Dhoom 2. Hollywood can wait, she said.

As for the future Hollywood projects, Ash says that like many other things in life, she would leave it for the time and the dates to decide. “I really want time to decide. I don’t know what will come my way. I will go through the scripts, I will look at the dates and only then will sign newer movies,” she says.

Aishwarya says she had grown wise while deciding on signing movies. “I believe in the power of saying ‘NO.’ When I am not convinced about something. I simply say no,” she says.

Talking about Umrao Jaan, Ash says she avoided watching the original Umrao Jaan when the movie was being made. “Whenever there are remakes being made, I am

not given to the temptation of watching the original as there could be some visual impression that can influence my performance. I like to keep away from emulation or repetition,” she says.

About the inevitable comparison between her and Rekha she says, “I will enjoy reading or hearing about the comparisons,” but, is wholesome in her praise for Rekha. “I consider it a privilege to actually play the role that Rekha is actually known for and I am very lucky to be spoken about in the same breath as her,” she says.