Assortment of new media

KATHMANDU: The use of new media is the only common thing in the works of six artists — five Nepalis and a Japanese — that are on display in the exhibition ‘BAC Trans Studio Project 1.0’ at BAC Gallery, Pulchowk.

The artists have created installation art on various themes such as politics, identity, social crisis, relation between the physical world and beyond, among others.

Japanese artist Shun Owada’s installation, that also has sound effect, deals with the concept of formation of Kathmandu Valley. Using a steel vessel and wires, he has created a speaker that is hung from the ceiling and produces sound. Beneath the speaker, on the floor, is a plain glass. On top of the glass he has put wet and dry soil, and a branch of a tree is left aside. The sound says “Manjushree” but it is not understandable as it has been “stretched out”, as per the artist.

Nepali artist Binod Pangeni, also an aspiring electronics engineer, using photographs has depicted common problems in Nepal — water/fuel crisis, unmanaged waste materials, et cetera. His photographs show people waiting for their turn to fill water, people travelling by sitting on roofs of vehicles, people walking beside a heap of garbage amidst the busy road, among others. Using an ultrasonic sensor, where the light turns red if you walk towards the photos, he has depicted passive people in community who are not making any effort to solve those problems.

Meanwhile, Satya Shila Kashajoo has created a stencil paper box carving the letter ‘politics’ and placing a bulb inside it. Her work suggests the impact of politics on every individual’s life whether one likes or dislikes politics.

Mahima Singh’s work, that is a combination of paintings and installation, deals with life and death. She has depicted life’s fragility. In one canvas, she has painted golden jewelleries and in another, a portrait of woman that signifies material world. And through installation — using wooden beams, collage of quake-ruined structures and light, she has depicted that after death souls tend to go beyond infinity.

Hari Om Mehta has showcased traditional Mithila art in an animated form giving hologram effect, having three dimensional effects. Rabindra Shrestha’s installations deal with the connection between all human beings, yet being individualist. For this he has used finger prints on white canvas. He has also shown the connection between every human through red line, symbolising human blood.

 The exhibition, that began on February 18, is the creation of artists who participated in first edition of BAC Trans Studio project. It continues till February 25.