At the oldest US institution

The University of Central Oklahoma exists to provide excellent undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education to enable students to achieve their intellectual, professional, personal, and creative potential. UCO’s fundamental responsibility is excellent teaching, which involves instilling and fostering in students the joy of learning, the ability to think critically and a desire to achieve their creative potential.


Today’s University of Central Oklahoma is the oldest institution of higher learning in Oklahoma dating back to December 24, 1890, when the Territorial Legislature voted to establish the Territorial Normal School. Today, the Territorial Normal School has grown from 23 students on the frontier in 1891 to a metropolitan, four-year university with an enrollment of about 15,500 on a 200-acre campus.


The University of Central Oklahoma is located in Edmond, which is one of the state’s most desired places to live with its thriving historic downtown, excellent school system and fantastic cultural offerings. The community enjoys year-round music, art, theatre, water and sporting events. Known worldwide for its outstanding golf courses, Edmond hosts some of the most exciting PGA and celebrity events. Edmond tennis courts have a history of hosting USTA tournaments. Also available are competitive soccer fields, including one indoors, and competitive ice skating and roller skating facilities. There’s July 4 and Edmond’s LibertyFest, selected as one of the top 10 places to be in America by CNN and USA Today.


•Bachelor of Applied Technology

•Bachelor of Arts

•Bachelor of Arts in Education

•Bachelor of Business Administration

•Bachelor of Fine Arts

•Bachelor of Fine Arts Education

•Bachelor of Music

•Bachelor of Music Education

•Bachelor of Science

•Bachelor of Science in Education

•Master of Arts

•Master of Business Administration

•Master of Education

•Master of Fine Arts

•Master of Music

•Master of Science

Scholarship for international students

Financial aid for UCO international students is limited to on-campus employment opportunities (20 hours per week at prevailing minimum wage) available to qualified students who are enrolled full time. Several small scholarships are awarded through the International Office twice a year. These are: Honours Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, Mr/Ms UCO International, Kiwanis (CKI) Scholarship, and Soccer Club Scholarship. Additionally many individual academic departments have scholarships available. Selection criteria may include an essay, involvement in on-campus activities, proof of academic achievement and financial need.

Graduate students may be considered for a limited number of highly coveted graduate assistantships. The College of Graduate Studies and Research determines the award selection. Students should not rely on these limited employment opportunities or awards to finance the major part of their educational and living costs.