KATHMANDU: Sushma Rajbhandari’s solo exhibition titled ‘Neo-concepts of God’ being showcased at the Nepal Art Council features series of Ganesh and meditative eyes.

Artist Rajbhandari said that she has emphasised on the four different avatars (incarnations) of lord Ganesh namely Jal Binayak, Surya Binayak, Karya Binayak and Ashok Binayak and the third eye. “I have tried to project the different auras that come while meditating through colours. For instance, red is for anger while blue for peace,” she added. She has also differentiated the four different Binayaks with colours.

In terms of colour, she has used more of basic colours which are more on the brighter side. Her backgrounds are of dull colour which emphasises the figures in the foreground. In most of her Ganesh portraits she has just shown the head while some pieces also feature the mouse which is believed to be Lord Ganesh’s bahan.

A collection children stories by Rajendra Bhakta Joshi was also launched during the opening of the exhibition which took place on February 4.

The exhibition in on till February 9.