KATHMANDU: It was all about Down Under on the grounds of Academy hall, Kamaladi on September 26 where the Australian Big Day Out was being held. The premises had been converted into a one-stop destination for those who wanted a total Aussie experience.

Students interested in pursuing their further education in Australia were able to the needed information about courses and universities from stalls that had been set up for this very reason. Subash Gauchan, Business Development Director, Pac Asia said that while last year all the stalls related to education had been put up by Pac Asia, this year there was an independent stall by Perth Education City.

While talking about the students who had come for enquiries Gauchan said, “In comparison to last year, people were more mature as in they knew what they were looking for and were asking very specific questions.”

To provide a wholesome experience, the event had food and wine stalls serving authentic Aussie delicacies. Australian barbeques, sausages and wine were quite popular among the gathered crowd.

The musical treat for the event was also special with live performance by none other than 1974 AD. People were seen enjoying a decent afternoon with good food and rocking music. Two other bands, Twisted and Joint Family also added the needed entertainment quotient to the event with their kind of music.

The event was a wonderful time for those who have returned from Australia as it was a day to recall all the memories of the times spent Down Under.

The event was organised by PAC Asia and Courtyard Restaurant, and supported by Pepsi and Nanglo.

The event was managed by Partynepal with The Himalayan Times as media partner.