B3: Brazil,bikini and Bips

MUMBAI: The bootylicious Bipasha Basu, whose bikini-clad appearance in Dhoom 2 has set audience pulses soaring, says she is “not at all conscious” about her body.

“We shot in Brazil where everyone was dressed in shorts and other summer clothes. That didn’t make me the least self-conscious,” Bipasha said.

“I’m not at all conscious about my body. Brazil is the best country for me. I freaked out in the local dresses. With my long curly hair and Brazilian look, I looked like a local.”

The sultry siren was even mistaken for a local while shopping in that country.

“I actually had people asking me for the price of things in the shop. I loved the anonymity. Most of all it was a relief not having my bodyguard around all day long. I didn’t look like a tourist, I didn’t behave like one.”

Didn’t she feel vulnerable? “No. What danger could I face in Rio? It’s the hub of tourism. The best thing about Brazil was there were hardly any Indians around. I had these cute Brazilian guys asking me out to coffee. And you know what? They didn’t even know who I was. That’s what made it so much fun.”

About Aishwarya Rai, her co-star in Dhoom 2, she said: “The general impression is that she’s aloof. But in truth she’s very warm and accessible, always hanging out in a group with us. There was never any hassle. She was fun.”

Bipasha is pragmatic about John’s absence from Dhoom 2. “The first Dhoom did enough for John. I wasn’t in it, though that was also offered to me. Now it’s my turn.”