Cards have always been one of the most popular ways of expressing affection and celebrating special bonds of life. Whether it’s your best friend going abroad or your sister passing her exams, a beautiful card with inspiring words can be the best form of expression of how proud you are of their achievements.

For teenagers especially, the charm of a gift gallery is a totally different experience and that is why trips to such galleries is often a major part of one’s school and college days’ memories. And on special occasions like Teacher’s Day or Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day — the one that is just round the corner — more and more people visit these galleries.

For card shop owners as well such occasions are a welcome change as their sales get a boost than on regular mundane days. According to them, normally business isn’t that encouraging, but these days since Friendship Day and also Rakshya bandhan (Rakhi) is approaching, business is picking up.

According to Anil Jalan, owner of Archies gallery at Khichapokhari, compared to last year, this year the sales were rather disappointing on Teacher’s Day. However, he is hopeful about Friendship Day and Rakhi.

Meanwhile, Vishal Khetan who is the owner of Hallmark Gallery at New Road, pointed out that such ‘Days’ do not bring much change in the sales except Valentine’s Day. “Also there is more crowd only a day before or on the day of special occasions,” he added.

About Friendship Day, Khetan pointed out that people tend to buy more of friendship bands rather than cards. These bands comes in different price range thus making it more affordable to buy for many friends.

Jalan also mentioned that since it’s the end of session time for educational institutes, small gift items for farewells like statue of lord Ganesha are among the top sellers. “Among cards, these days funny cards are more in demand,” Jalan added.

About the change customers’ preference Khetan said that more than show pieces, customers go for stuffed toys or jewelleries. However, both Khetan and Jalan pointed out that the type of customers depends on the special occasion is but still the craze for such galleries is still more among teenaged girls as a number of them flocked the stores in search of friendship bands.