Beau gets lovenest for Shilpa in London

MUMBAI: What more need to be shown as a proof of the lover’s sincerity and deep concern for his ladylove? The characters of the lovebirds are none other than Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra.

The city of London accepted her just like one among its natural citizens after she won the Big Brother reality show. Now Shipa considers London as her second home because of the fact that she spends a major chunk of her time there as Raj is settled there.

To make her very comfortable and convenient in London, Raj has gone ahead and bought a house for her to stay whenever she goes to London.

This show of affection was carried out also because sometimes when Shilpa is in London, Raj may be in India and he wants to make sure that his dream girl gets a permanent address in the foreign land.